Below you'll find critical characteristics of forests in Europe as reported in the latest State of Europe's Forests report in 2020. The statistics have been aggregated by EU27 and EE38 as well by different regions as presented in the map.

Key facts about European forests

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Fellings in 2015, M m³


Increment of felling in 2015, %


Forest area per capita in 2018, ha


Forest area available for wood supply in 2020, M ha


Growing stock per ha in 2020, k m³ ha


Roundwood removals from forests in 2017, M m³


Forest area in 2020, M ha


Forest area in 2020, % of total land


Net annual increment per hectare in 2015, m³/ha


Forest area undisturbed by man in 2020, %


Semi-natural forests in 2020, %


Plantations in 2020, %


Share of forest area dominated by introduced tree species, %


Share of forest area designated for the protection of soil, water and other ecosystem services in 2020, %


Share of forest area in private ownership in 2015, %


Share of forest area protected for biodiversity in 2020, %


Share of forest area protected for landscape in 2020, %


Forest sector work force in 2015, 1000FTE