Global Forest Watch

An online platform that provides data and tools for monitoring forests.


EU Archive Index Database customised for the Carbon Budget Model (CBM-CFS3)

An inventory-based, yield-data-driven model that simulates the stand- and landscape-level carbon (C) dynamics of above- and belowground biomass, dead wood, litter and mineral soil.


GuidosToolbox (GBT)

GUIDOS (Graphical User Interface for the Description of image Objects and their Shapes) contains a wide variety of generic raster image processing routines, including related free software such as GDAL (to process geospatial data and to export them as raster image overlays in Google Earth), and FWTools (pre/post-process and visualize any raster or vector data). The GuidosToolbox Workbench (GWB) contains most popular image analysis modules setup as commandline-only scripts for automated mass-processing on Linux 64bit servers.



The European Forest Information SCENario Model (EFISCEN) is a large-scale forest model that projects forest resource development on regional to European scale. The model is suitable for the projection of forest resource development for a period of 50 to 60 years.


Pro Silva

Promotes forest management strategies which optimise the maintenance, conservation and utilisation of forest ecosystems in such a way that the ecological and socio-economic functions are sustainable and profitable


The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) statistics

Latest facts, figures, and statistics produced by CEPI on the European paper industry


UNECE Region Forests and Forest Sector(INForest)

UNECE and FAO data and knowledge digital platform for forests in the UNECE region.



GlobalTreeSearch is the most comprehensive list of tree species and their country-level distributions. It was published in 2017 following over two years of work gathering both tree species names and their country level distributions. This database is not static and is being continuously updated as new information becomes available. Our intention is for GlobalTreeSearch to be used as a tool for monitoring and managing tree species diversity, forests and carbon stocks on a global, regional or national level. It is also used as the basis of the Global Tree Assessment, coordinated by BGCI and the IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group (GTSG), which is undertaking conservation assessments for all of the world’s tree species with the aim of having a published IUCN Red List assessment for every tree species by 2023.