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Research highlight
22 May. 2024

Sustaining Europe's forest biodiversity: Preservation, management and restoration

Europe’s forests represent a rich variety of unique natural heritage. This diversity of ecosystems provides homes for countless plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms, playing a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance and supporting the welfare of societies and economies.

Research highlight
22 Mar. 2024

Policy options to enhance the contribution of the EU’s forests to climate mitigation: which strategy is best?

What type of forest management is best for the climate? And which strategies are best to fight the climate crisis? The answer to these questions is: it depends. So, what is the way forward to fulfil the EU’s policy targets to support increased carbon sequestration?

Research highlight
10 Oct. 2023

How are droughts impacting Europe's forest biodiversity?

Drought events are becoming longer and more severe in Europe. Alerts over low soil moisture are now being issued also in winter. As a result, the structure and resilience of Europe’s forests are starting to face long-term impacts.