We want you on board - if your organisation is interested, please register following the procedure below

The MapMyTree citizen science dataflow is open for EU general public and tree planters/partner organisations.
Tree reporting can happen at any time.

If you are a citizen, you can start reporting the trees you have already planted by using the dedicated mobile web app MapMyTree available here: https://mapmytree.eea.europa.eu/
If you are an organisation involved in the planting of new trees, you can start reporting the trees you have already planted by following the instructions below.

1. Check if your trees fulfil the conditions to be counted towards the 3 Billion Trees Pledge, please visit this webpage.

2. Login to Reportnet 3* using an existing or new EU Login account, if you need support please read this document.

3. Once registered on Reportnet 3, write to ENV-3BILLIONTREES@ec.europa.eu to be added as Lead reporter to the MapMyTree dataflow.

Video tutorial and Reportnet 3 guide

In the following link you could watch a tutorial video on how to register planted trees as part of the EU 3 Billion Trees Pledge.

Here in this pdf file you can also have a deeper look: How to use Reportnet 3 for MapMyTree reporting.

For any questions regarding the MapMyTree dataflow, please contact forests@eea.europa.eu

*Reportnet 3 is the new e-Reporting platform for reporting environmental and climate data to the European Environment Agency (EEA)
Please use this support document for getting familiar with the Reportnet 3 platform
Web Browser: We highly recommend that you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge