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The deadline for the call of evidence is May 6th

The aim of this initiative is to develop an EU-wide forest observation framework to provide open access to detailed, accurate, regular and timely information on the condition and management of EU forests, and on the many products and ecosystem services that forests provide.

More info: EU forests – new EU Framework for Forest Monitoring and Strategic Plans (

The report analyses the current pressures on forest biodiversity as well as on the health of, and resilience in, managed forests. It examines existing nature-oriented forest management approaches in Europe and analyses their ability to support biodiversity, their stability and adaptability to uncertain future conditions. It proposes a definition, a set of guiding principles and a framework for flexible European-wide implementation of Closer-to-Nature Forest Management. Finally, it evaluates barriers and enablers for implementation and presents a list of existing networks that can be used to assist the dissemination of Closer-to-Nature Forest Management throughout Europe.