The main topic is on how to integrate segregation in SFM and the tools, scale and processes involved. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from the Danish example, as Denmark is in the process of doubling the state forest area to be set-a-side for biodiversity to a total of 20%. Segregating forest for nature conservation pose certain challenges when the forests from which to select conservation forests historically have been planted and managed for forest products for the last 200 years. The meeting will be include presentations by researchers on the challenges of setting aside forests for conservation, the importance of data on species and their ecology in the selection of sites and the issue of forest restoration and tools to stimulate old growth elements and diversification of even aged forest stands. The event is part of the overarching theme of the Danish chairmanship: Multiple scales for nature conservation in sustainable forest management: Integration and segregation.

Member countries are welcome to present a case study concerning those topics. The registration will be announced shortly.