-- Connector: cnct_landcover_use_per_country
-- Visualization: vis_land-cover-statistics-clc2018 (national factsheet) and vis_eu-land-cover-statistics-clc2018-v2 (EU factsheet)
-- Definition: Gives the land cover use per country statistic in a bar chart comparing the Percent of forest area compared to total area in the country for each 
--   -CLC2018_L1.
--   -Variables: 
--   - Country (String): Name of the country
--   - NUTS_CODE (String): Code of the country
--   - Area (float): Forest area of the country in ha
--   - Percent (float): Percentage of forest, round to 2 decimals. Forest area divided by total area for the surface multiplied by 100.
--  - CLC2018_L1 (String): Name of the considered stat (artificial surfaces, wetlands,...)
SELECT * FROM [FISE].[latest].[v_cnct_landcover_use_per_country]

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